Tech Debt: Low short-term risk with High long-term rewards | iOS Lead Essentials Podcast #008

Dealing effectively with debt is essential to an enriching life and career.

And, as software developers, we must also master the art of dealing with a special kind of debt…

Tech Debt!

So, in this podcast, we dive deep into this often misunderstood topic.

You’ll find the answers to some of the most popular Tech Debt questions we get from students of the iOS Lead Essentials program, such as:

  • What’s Tech Debt?
  • Should I never create Tech Debt?
  • Why would I ever want to create Tech Debt in my iOS codebase?
  • Why do I need to understand the concept of Tech Debt? Isn’t Debt a business Responsibility?
  • What are some side-effects of unsustainable Tech Debt in iOS teams?
  • How can I prevent tech-debt?
  • What are some examples of tech-debt on iOS/Swift?
  • How to improve legacy iOS projects full of Tech Debt?

We strongly believe you should apply the ideas in this podcast. Using Tech Debt in your favor can give you an edge and help you receive iOS offers well beyond the market average.

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