Composition in iOS/Swift: A key element of clean app architecture | iOS Lead Essentials Podcast #007

In this podcast, we explore the topic of Composition on iOS and Swift.

You’ll find the answers to some of the most popular questions we get from students of the iOS Lead Essentials program and viewers on our YouTube channel, such as:

  • What’s Composition?
  • How can you compose components in iOS/Swift?
  • What does Composition over Inheritance means?
  • Why is Composition better than Inheritance?
  • What’s the problem with Inheritance?
  • Why should we “Prefer Composition over Inheritance”?
  • What’s the Composite design pattern?
  • What are some valuable traits of composability?
  • What prevents you from creating composable components?

We believe the answers within this podcast are essential to achieving a remarkable, long-lasting, and fulfilling iOS career.

Great companies are looking for talented individuals that can develop clean and sustainable iOS codebases.

So, building the skills to create composable and flexible codebases is a tremendous career asset that can help you find fantastic job opportunities to work in interesting iOS projects.

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