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How to Boost Your iOS Developer Income and Work with Remarkable People—The Definitive Guide

Find out how some iOS developers earn so much more than others with the same title (double/triple+ compensation), and how you can achieve an enriching and fulfilling iOS career too!

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Caio Zullo

I've been writing software since 1998, professionally since 2006, and on Apple platforms since 2009. I love building robust, well-engineered, and beautiful applications and coaching developers to achieve their best potential.


Mike Apostolakis

I'm a software engineer from Athens, Greece. My goal is to help the software industry evolve by enabling developers and companies to practice valuable techniques and build powerful and durable systems.

Learning outcomes

  • Ups and downs, challenges, and massive opportunities in the iOS industry

  • The negative effects of the seniority model and how to escape this failed model

  • How iOS Developers with the same title can profit so much more than others

  • How risky the average iOS career is

  • The salary stagnation phenomenon and how it affects you

  • How to find the average iOS salary curve in the job market you operate in

  • How to identify where you stand in the salary curve and how to achieve the next level

  • How rewarding it can be to proactively deal with career challenges

  • Simple (and non-typical) actions you can take now to take your career to an exceptional, out-of-the-curve level

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