Clean iOS Architecture pt.1: Analytics Architecture Overview

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Today we'll start a discussion on one of the most important topics in software development that will increase your value as a professional: software architecture.

This is a new series where we're going to analyze and learn from architecture ideas, starting with something that every app needs: analytics.

The material used for this video was based on John's, Matt's and Dave's blog posts about different analytics approaches.

In this episode, we'll show an architect's point of view of their discussion and see how we can use architecture to make better decisions, enable independent deployment and development, and find and fix bottlenecks and code smells. Our goal is to simplify our codebases and accelerate the development cycle while maintaining our core values as software developers.

Remember: software architecture includes the highest of the abstractions to the lowest level concrete implementations, so every piece of code we write may affect the system architecture. By understanding this, we know we're all responsible for the architecture of our systems either we care or not.

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