Advanced iOS Programming Course – A Path To Financial Growth

In a previous article, we explained why labeling programming topics as advanced can be a problem. In this sequel, we’ll explore ideas on how to avoid common mistakes when looking for an Advanced iOS Programming Course. And how to smartly invest in your education to get a significant increase in your income.

It’s no mystery that good education can increase your value as a professional software developer. We all might have gaps in our knowledge that are preventing us from getting the pay rise we so much want. Finding the perfect course for your current needs is an important task, and we take it very seriously at Essential Developer.

Ten years ago, when iOS development was a new thing, it was tough to find good learning material or Advanced iOS Programming Courses. We had to learn how to develop great apps through trial and error mostly. Courses were remarkably scarce, but fortunately, we are now living in a time where there’s a new course available every week. This is an essential evolution for the industry.

Nowadays, we can save ourselves time and money (and headaches) by getting good quality courses and “downloading” expert’s experience right into our brains in a short period of time. When invested smartly, money and time spent on courses can make you a valuable developer in a much shorter period of time when compared to ten years ago.

However, we need to be careful not to waste money and time.

What to look for in an Advanced iOS Programming Course?

When looking for an Advanced iOS Programming Course, it’s implied that the student is already a proficient programmer looking to step up their skills. Proficient developers should be at a stage in their careers where they’re making a reasonably good salary. If not, they definitely should invest more in themselves.

A common approach, even among proficient developers, is to choose a course by looking at its price (looking for cheap!). Cheap education means typically cheap results. Price is an important factor when making any purchase, but the issue is when we label education merely as a “cost.”

Education is actually an investment. To invest efficiently, we should look for gaps in our skill set. If a course is labeled simply as “Advanced iOS Programming Course,” that’s normally a bad sign. “Advanced iOS Programming Course” is such a generic title – what is in it? Everything there’s to know? Which gaps in our skill set will it fill?

In an “Advanced iOS Programming Course” you might find a lot of concepts that you are already familiar and confident with. A better approach is to find courses on specific topics.

For example, “Software Architecture for iOS Programmers” – a specific course where you can have a clear outcome. Increase your Software Architecture knowledge, which is a topic that can definitely increase your value as a programmer.

So we always recommend developers to find courses with a clear and concise curriculum. A “minimum knowledge” requirements that meet your current skill set. And a clear outcome you should expect.

“But I don’t have time to attend an Advanced iOS Programming Course”

“I work a lot, so I don’t have time” is a common complaint. In the past, I remember a time when I said the exact same complaint. Luckily, I had smart people around me to correct my “poor mentality.” One of the best pieces of advice I got was “if you work too hard, you won’t have time to make money.” Yes, it hurts to hear that, but it’s the truth.

If we don’t have time to invest in our education, there’s something wrong. There’s something out of balance.

Typically, what prevents us from investing in ourselves is fear. Fear that we might waste time and money on a useless Advanced iOS Programming Course. Fear that if we dedicate time to study, we might not devote enough time to the job. Fear of facing something challenging. Fear that by not working all the time we can damage our professional goals (when the opposite is true!).

Once I eliminated those fears, my career progressed much faster. For example, a couple of years ago I was unhappy with my salary. I found out I could improve my technical skills to apply for better roles. I did some research and found a great 2-day course that would cost me around £2,800+VAT. Many developers would laugh at the price and say “no way!” but I decided to take the course. A couple of months later, after studying and practicing a lot, I had enough confidence in my new skills to step up to a better position. In my new role, I increased my income by £20,000/year.

Was it worth it? 100%!

And most courses won’t even require us to stop working so we can invest in our careers while making a living.

Sadly, many developers don’t invest in their education, and as a result, they become stagnant. Stagnant developers don’t progress in the industry, don’t make as much money as they could, and might end up unhappy and unsatisfied with their professional life.

Software development is a great industry right now. We meet highly skilled developers making incredible day rates with integrity. However, time and time again we also meet developers frustrated with their professional life.

We’ve been helping dedicated developers to get from low paying jobs to high tier roles – sometimes in a matter of weeks! To do so, we continuously run and share free market researches on how to improve your skills with Empathy, Integrity, and Economics in mind. If you want to step up in your career, access now our latest research for free.