What’s More Essential for Developers to Focus On: Result or Process?

In this video, I'd like to ask you an important question, but before that let me tell you what we believe to be one of the best skills a software developer can master: Long-term vision.

It might sound obvious, but in our experience, most developers focus on short-term gains in the endless pursuit of Silver Bullets and Magic Solutions, when the fastest route is usually patience.

Why is the long-term so important? Most results in our life/career are asynchronous (good results take time) or are even out of our control. Instead of trying to control the result, we can visualize what the result can be (the long-term vision) but focus on the process to get there. Even better, be flexible and welcome changes along the way!

For example, Test Driven Development is a discipline that can give you control over the development process. For TDD to work, it's required consistency. Consistency is the key. Consistency is the focus on the process. TDD is just an example, you can choose your own preferred process. But follow the process. Every day.

Now, the important question I want to ask you: Right now, do you focus more on the result or the process to get there?

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