S01E21: [TDD 🍅 18] Testing Presenters in Swift pt.2

In this episode, we finish test-driving the ResultsPresenter and QuestionPresenter implementations.

To provide a good user experience, we test-drive a very important factor for the result presentation: order! Yes, order matters for the players, so it is essential to test it as well.

Furthermore, we quickly test-drive a QuestionPresenter implementation as we discuss our preference for using if vs guard statements.

We decided to build the Presenters as structs rather than classes, since there’s no mutation involved in the mapping process, but we also discuss how the Presenter layer could be just a collection of pure functions. It’s up to you, as an engineer, to decide the best option for your project.

Finally, we use the newly created QuestionPresenter to assist the QuestionViewController configuration tests in the concrete view controller factory implementation. Red-green-refactor!

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