Happy New Year + 1000 subscribers!

Today we’re celebrating as we just reached a milestone for our YouTube channel: 1000+ subscribers!

Thank you very much for being an active part of our community.

Our goal at Essential Developer is to help iOS developers learn professional software development, focusing on the essential skills that will make you an Essential Developer and make your career progress much faster at a sustainable pace.

We don’t believe in magic shortcuts. Here we’re going to show you effective ways to be a better developer through valuable principles and disciplines.

We wish you a happy and productive new year and remember: most people set up goals and promises for the new year, but most people don’t achieve their objectives. So let’s do different than most people and let’s smartly invest in our future!

We are here to help you on this mastery journey and we love when we receive your messages, feedback and questions, so don't be shy and let us know how we can help you and how we can improve our work!

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